Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Retro Diner by Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie whipped up a blue plate special just for you. Perfect for not only everyone's favorite 50's Prime Time Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios but also great for Beaches and Cream, Old Key West and, pretty much, any pastel layout.

There are 11 papers, 2 alphas and tons of elements including the surprise folder you can MYOS...Make Your Own Sundae!! How cool is that?! Here is the layout I made with this fabulous kit and MJ-AJ Design's (Linda) Freebie Template #13 - available on her blog:

I love the view finder! I had the pleasure of meeting both Cynthia and Natalie on two seperate trips to Disney World. This layout (above) was our dinner before heading over to Magic Kingdom to meet Natalie and Erin at a very special Dessert Party. What a treat! More to come on meeting Natalie. If you hop over to Cynthia's blog you will see a layout she did when we met at 50's Prime Time Cafe for dinner. She is such a doll! We had so much fun. I still don't know how she was able to get such hard to get reservations but she is a Disney Planning Pro! We both enjoyed our the sampler platters, simply a taste of the best dishes the restaurant offers. Be sure to pick up to adorable freebie she has. Speaking of freebies, I am made some things for my layout that I would like to share with you: a 50's Prime Time element and a Mickey Head sprinkles to top your favorite Disney sundae or milkshake, plus a few extra sprinkles. YUM! Stop by Cynthia, Linda, and Lisa's blogs for some ADORABLE freebies. Of course, go to Natalie's blog to pick up the kit and her SUPER CUTE freebie. HERE is mine:

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sneak Peek from Natalie's Place Designs...

Get your forks ready for a fantastic 50's style meal. This kit has a surprise folder that will make you want to order dessert first. Here is a hint - MYOS...any guesses?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pizza Planet

Denise, a Grieving Mommy, is hosting Scraplift Challenge #12 over at She has created a fantastic TRON inspired participation prize. You have until May 1st!

I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet - UGH! I know right! I hope to see it soon. I was inspired by the outer space glow, so this is the layout I submitted of WDW's Pizza Planet.

My girls FAVORITE restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and probably all of Walt Disney World. As you can see, not a lot of eating was going on because they just wanted to play video games. I used Natalie's Place Designs Infinity Mini Kit and YB Designs Template.

Here is the clipart I tweaked for my layout - HERE

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovin' Those Curves Templates

Plain and simple, a MUST HAVE for your cache of templates. This is my new go-to set of templates.

It is paramount to me to capture the who, what, where, when and why in the layout. I want to convey the sights, smells and emotions in the layout so that, in years to come, we all will be immediately transported back in time to the moment captured on the page in the photobook. My scrapping talents are still a work in progress but having templates, like in this set, sure take out a lot of the "guess work". I plan on having a whole page just to journal the day at a specific Disney Park or day of on our DCL cruise. The left template is PERFECT for just that. I love love how Cynthia has already set up a page per park. (Great minds!) You have to check out her blog to see her pages. She inspired me to do a Disney Cruise Line journal page. I will be doing a photobook next of our first cruise. Here is my layout:

The template on the right blends curves and circles that gives a flat piece of paper an organic movement I just love. I used DVC Captain Mickey because, if I had journaled, it would say that this is the free, yes free, week long cruise given to us by Disney Vacation Club when we became members of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). When they said membership has its perks - they aren't kidding! DVC was having a promotion - buy points, get a cruise. We were given a certificate to go on any week long Disney Cruise, any time of the year, all expenses paid including gratuities. Here is page 2. Page 3 will be the layout above.

The font I used is called Lifestyle Condensed as per The website is a fabulous resource which lists most, if not all, of the fonts the Disney Corporation uses on its signage all over the parks, rides and attractions. The sight even has free fonts available, along with one of my favorites Prototype Community 25. Prototype Community, short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or EPCOT. And you just thought it stood for Every Person Comes Out Tired!!

I will post freebies very soon. Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Speed Scrap 53 Going on Now

Chef Minnie Mouse, aka Lisa, is hosting a Speed Scrap tonight - going on right now. Your layout needs to be posted by 10pm Central Time tonight. Natalie's Place Designs has generally donated an adorable participation prize! I hope you are able to join in on the fun!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Now Presenting a Magic Show

In honor of the Walt Disney World's new fastpass enabled Meet & Greet with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Natalie's Place Designs has front row tickets just for you at a Magic Show. Town Square Exposition Hall has been re-imagined as a turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century theater,  Town Square Theater, where posters proclaim Mickey Mouse as the star of a magic show. Guests may choose to enter the interactive queue that leads to Mickey Mouse, join the queue (ie line) for Disney Princesses or insert your park ticket into the fastpass machine for a time stamped ticket to return at a later time. Once you arrive at Mickey's Dressing Room, the Big Cheese himself will welcome you. I am not sure if Mickey will do actual magic tricks but Natalie sure has pulled a few tricks out of her sleeve! Ladies and Gentlemen, kids of all ages, (drum roll please) I present Natalie's Place Designs - Magic Show!!

I have not had the pleasure of visiting Mickey in his new magic Kingdom location but this kit did remind me of a different kind of Magic, the Disney Cruise Line Magic Ship. My layout has pics we took of the AMAZING Broadway-style show my husband and I enjoyed the final night of our cruise - Remember the Magic. We easily forgot we were out in the middle of ocean with the fireworks and confetti engaged in front of us on stage (indoor!). Yes, fireworks at sea - Disney magic at its finest!! I used Linda's free template, #32, available on her blog.

I made some freebies for ya. I also included the Mickey and Goofy clipart I used in my layout plus a few more. The formally dressed character clipart is obviously NOT my design, nor do I claim to be in the same company with the creative geniuses of Disney Animation. I included them in the download, for the sole purpose, to be an easy download - that's it. ENJOY

If you use the freebies, please send me a note with a link to an online gallery. I would love to see it! Be sure to stop by Natalie's blog to pick up the kit and Cynthia, Linda, and Lisa's blogs to pickup more freebies. Thank you for coming to the show today. I hope you are having a magical day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come Sneak a Peek at the Magic Show

Drum roll please ... Wands up, top hat on, wave your hands around and say with me now - ABRACADABRA... (poof):

Oh this is going to be good!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Northern Exposure Released Eh!

I have been beyond anxious about Natalie's new kit - Northern Exposure!! I was so inspired by the Creative Team's layouts I wanted to create a page that showed my favorite aspects of this kit. Honestly, I love it all. Natalie has included wonderful textured papers, 2 masks with mats, evergreens and pine cones, coins, and the cutest critters. Epcot's Canadian Pavilion is one of my favorites to explore but, hands down, the best steak to ever pass your lips is at Le Cellier. Like Buttah!! Of course this kit would also be great for ANY layout with a country, forest, camping, wilderness, or frontier theme.

Here is the preview, notice the waterfall - it is awesome!

My girls and I went to WDW for a few days last month and had a great time. Previously, we had only gone into Canada (Epcot) to have dinner at Le Cellier. This was the first time we really spent time in the Canadian pavilion exploring and shopping. My daughters are 3 and 5. You would think they were 13 and 15 the way they migrate to a phone. Like moths to a flame! The template I used here is available for free at the (April 5th) Tuesday Template Challenge at Scrap Matters. The template was designed by Jady Day Studio. The template would be great for the 4 park pictures!

Is that not the cutest moose you have ever seen!!

My family and I lived in Massachusetts for 5 years. We drove to Maine several times a year, especially in the summer to visit the LL Bean Flagship store in Freeport with the surrounding outlet shops. I was so thrilled when I saw the birch elements and alpha, the goose, mama and baby bear and, of course, the moose all included in the kit. Reminded me a lot of Maine. I was going to do a Le Cellier layout but I couldn't wait to play with the critters. I have no idea how the waterfall element made me think of the geyser at Wilderness Lodge. I made the geyser from the water in the rock-waterfall element.

Just for stopping by, I made you a little something special. Enjoy! Download HERE

Please check out  Cynthia, Linda, and  Lisa's blogs for more freebies! Natalie has beautiful overlays available just for you. Thank you for stopping by!! If there are any freebies you would like for me to make available, just let me know.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Huey's Uncle - Autism Awareness Kit

1 in 110 Children and 1 in 70 Boys are affected by Autism.

Denise (a Grieving Mommy) and Natalie (Natalie's Place Designs) have joined their creative talents to promote Autism Awareness Month. All proceeds from Huey's Uncle kit will go to Autism Speaks, a nonprofit organization to benefit children with Autism. Natalie has a very touching and personal account on her blog of how she discovered her children have been affected by Autism. This kit can be purchased thru Denise's blog. All of us on the Creative Team want to do our part so we would like to offer the freebies. Yeah!

Cynthia's Layout and Blog:

I LOVE her photos! Her layout and freebies are TOO CUTE!!

Linda's Layouts and Freebie:

I love Linda's Donald layout but I can't stop looking at all the details Linda put into her layout of her Water Babies! AWESOME! Love how she used the notebook as the journalling area. Brilliant!!

 Lisa's Layout and Blog:

I can look at pictures of Lisa's grandson Caleb all day long! I love how Lisa did the split layout with the border included in the kit. STUNNING!!

and last, lil ol' me:

This layout ... well, is just plain embarassing! Sophia was furious with her daddy and I for not leaving her with her sister in the Disney Beach Club, Sand Caslte Club. A great place to leave kids for a few hours while the adults can have some alone time. At the time, the Sand Castle Club accepted kids 4 to 12, Sophia was 3 years old. It was our 20th wedding anniversary and we had ADR (Advanced Dining Reservations) for Chef's de France in Epcot. Sophia is such a easy going, passive child, we didn't think we would have to endure 45 minute meltdown before entering Epcot! Then we had about another hour of the crossed arms accompanied by "the face". You know the one!

I used Linda's template #1, available on her blog (she has the best templates!!). I made the outside border with the multi-stripe paper in the Huey's Uncle kit. Layer the striped paper with stripes going horizonal and a duplicate copy of the same striped paper rotated to the right (or left) so the stripes are vertical, shrinking in the sides of one of the papers, voila! Another way to get the same affect but getting the corner diagonal "cuts" - layer the 2 papers (horizontally and vertically, equal sizes) then with your eraser, erase 2 opposite sides making sure at the corners to erase a diagonally. Clear as mud? Here are some elements I made for this layout. Click HERE to download.

Thank you for spending some time with me this afternoon and helping out such a worthy organization! I really love reading your comments. So please drop me a note :)

Darth Maul Quick Page Freebie

Natalie release her amazing Intergalactic kit, perfect for any outer space layout. Meanwhile, I have been trying for days to get this file zipped in 4 shared. UGH! Thank you Linda for helping get it all together!! To not further delay here is the QP HERE.

Up next, a very special kit.