Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovin' Those Curves Templates

Plain and simple, a MUST HAVE for your cache of templates. This is my new go-to set of templates.

It is paramount to me to capture the who, what, where, when and why in the layout. I want to convey the sights, smells and emotions in the layout so that, in years to come, we all will be immediately transported back in time to the moment captured on the page in the photobook. My scrapping talents are still a work in progress but having templates, like in this set, sure take out a lot of the "guess work". I plan on having a whole page just to journal the day at a specific Disney Park or day of on our DCL cruise. The left template is PERFECT for just that. I love love how Cynthia has already set up a page per park. (Great minds!) You have to check out her blog to see her pages. She inspired me to do a Disney Cruise Line journal page. I will be doing a photobook next of our first cruise. Here is my layout:

The template on the right blends curves and circles that gives a flat piece of paper an organic movement I just love. I used DVC Captain Mickey because, if I had journaled, it would say that this is the free, yes free, week long cruise given to us by Disney Vacation Club when we became members of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). When they said membership has its perks - they aren't kidding! DVC was having a promotion - buy points, get a cruise. We were given a certificate to go on any week long Disney Cruise, any time of the year, all expenses paid including gratuities. Here is page 2. Page 3 will be the layout above.

The font I used is called Lifestyle Condensed as per The website is a fabulous resource which lists most, if not all, of the fonts the Disney Corporation uses on its signage all over the parks, rides and attractions. The sight even has free fonts available, along with one of my favorites Prototype Community 25. Prototype Community, short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or EPCOT. And you just thought it stood for Every Person Comes Out Tired!!

I will post freebies very soon. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I just bought those templates last night and never thought to use them for my trip report pages. BRILLIANT!

  2. Love your layouts!! I can't wait to see all your Disney Cruise layouts. Thanks for the tips on the fonts. I love the Lifestyles Condensed font..I'm off to go snag.