Monday, August 15, 2011

Bountiful Harvest Bundle Now Available!

I have been SO anxious for you to see this kit Natalie designed. AMAZING!

 Inspired by The Land pavilion at Epcot, my favorite, Natalie created a HUGE kit that includes 21 papers, 2 alphas and more than 75 elements. She also made adorable burlap scraps. (I bet you didn't know burlap could be adorable but I will show you in a minute. You might even say Ahhh.) The burlap pieces would be a great accent, not just on gardening and farm layouts but also on Bongos Cuban Cafe layouts, African (safari) and any coffee themed layouts.

I would highly recommend you release your inner gardener and buy the bundle.

As I said in my last post, The Land pavilion in Epcot is just one of my favorite places to explore, learning new gardening techniques and discovering new plant species. I never get tired of seeing what is growing in Disney's Master Gardner's greenhouses. I always take a sleu of pictures while on the Living with the Land ride. So, using Yzerbear designed Template I made this layout.

I had way too much fun with this layout. Lot of detailed work but I had fun playing virtual farmer! Now, I have to let you in a little secret. Natalie draws, colors, highlight, and shadows her own clipart - all from scratch. Yes folks, she is THAT talented! I have been practicing for a while and I have tried my hand at farmer Mickey there in the layout. I did "a Natalie". Yeah! Ok, I know, not her echelon but I do hope you like it. I incorporated the denim paper (Mickey's jeans) and plaid paper (his shirt) included in this kit. I used the burlap pieces for his hat.

Two weeks ago, two little smooth talkers convinced me we NEEDED to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom to celebrate my older daughter's graduation from pre-k. (Wow! Disney has some marketing team!) So, the girls and I went to Animal Kingdom for the day, having probably the best time we ever had. Our first stop was Camp Minnie-Mickey, saw Thumper and Miss Bunny (can you believe) all by themselves. We hopped on over.

Yep, did another "Natalie"! The Thumper and Miss Bunny clipart was fun to do. The sunflower alpha here is included in the Bountiful Harvest kit. In case you didn't notice, I thought thumper needed a sunflower pillow and burlap "blanky". Ahhh!

Of course Natalie, Cynthia, Lisa and Linda have all made some super cute freebies just for you. Please stop by there blogs to get them.

Download HERE

Thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy your freebies!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sneak Peek from Natalie

Natalie has done it again! I just can't wait until she releases this kit VERY soon. The theme of this kit is one of my favorite hobbies. Here is a peek...

Here is another clue from a really cute wallpaper I came across a while ago.

Ok, here is another.

Oh, and one more.

I get asked all the time where I get my clipart. Great question! Here is one source - Disney wallpapers. I have not altered these wallpapers above and probably would not extract any characters from these but they are cute and good FYI (For Your Inspiration). Notice the .jp or .cn after Disney. As you probably know, Disney is not exclusive to the United States. Our doesn't usually have wallpapers unless a movie is coming soon but Disney Hong KongDisney China, Disney Japan and sometimes Disney Brazil does post free wallpapers and monthly calenders. I use Google translator to navigate thru the different sites but basically if you are on a Disney Asian site then you are looking for an Asian character that looks like a T with a kick stand or a Mickey head with an arrow in the center pointing down (for DOWNload).

From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU for all of your kind words. I greatly appreciate all of you that have left comments!! My girls and I have begun the long road of healing and adjusting to life without my husband, their father. Your kind words, your prayers have helped fill the void in our life. We are so blessed to have our friends and family as well as such an amazing on-line community!! I am very touched and overwhelmed. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

World of Laughter from Natalie's Place Designs

I know I say all the time that each kit Natalie release is my new favorite, but seriously, this is my new favorite kit! I think it is the adorable children, all the fun, bright elements or just copious amounts of glitter that appeals to my inner diva. You know you have one too! 16 textured papers, a spectrum of colors glistening around an alpha, and as always, loads of elements. Can I just say - the giraffe and hippo are just too stinkin' cute. One of these days I am going to get around to scrapping my girls baby books. This is definitely the kit I am going to start with. Yes Liriel! Great guess. (Thank you for leaving a comment Julie!!) Natalie designed this kit after her son's favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World - It's A Small World. Que music -

 It's a world of laughter, a world of tears
It's a world of hopes, it's a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

There is just one moon, and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone
Thought the mountains divide
And the oceans divide
It's a small world after all...

(I will let you sing the chorus. I know I will have this jingle stuck in my head all day.)

The name of the kit really hit home for me. After suddenly and unexpectedly loosing my husband in January, my girls and I have discovered a new world of laughter with the help of MANY wonderful people, friends and family. The first thing I did after moving back to Florida in February was take the girls to Disney World. I called Disney Vacation Club, made hotel and dining reservations. Packed us up and literally, we were walking down Magic Kingdom's Main Street the very next morning. What better way to turn a frown upside down then to go to the Happiest Place on Earth! Like most trips, our first stop was Fantasyland. (I had never gone on a trip to WDW that wasn't micro-planned months in advance. It was awesome!)

My girls and I love going to The Land Pavilion in Epcot to sail aboard a fascinating boat ride in Living With The Land (my favorite ride in all of WDW) then grab a (counter service) meal at Sunshine Seasons Food Court. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner with lots of great options for everyone. Sunshine Seasons is our favorite counter service in Epcot, combined with Living With the Land - oh happy day! My older daughter is usually not this animated especially in public. Must be the Disney magic because I still can't believe she even let me take pictures of her! This was from our Pixar Weekend trip to Epcot in May.

I always leave the Land with serious garden envy and new aspirations for my own aspiring tendrils at home. Not to worry, you will not leave empty nor will your hard drive. Please stop by the Creative Teams blogs for some adorable goodies. Here are the links:

If you haven't stopped by Natalie's already to pick up this kit, here is the link to Natalie's Little Corner of the World.

I made a few things for you as well. My favorite part of It's A Small World ride is not only all the happy children from all over the world but when the boat turns a wide corner revealing all of the farewell signs in various languages, all of which are textured with loads of glitter. I guess it goes back to the bling. Since I prefer options when I scrap, I left the word art black so that you can colorize it or fill it with glitter tiles or paper. Think of them as a template.

Download HERE

 Thank you for stopping by!  I hope today your world will be full of laughter.